Sexual Fox Culture Phase List to becoming part of hierarchy seniority list.

This is a phase list where participants can learn about our simple seniority hierarchy and how to become part of that seniority status.

Phase 1: Not afraid to show bra and panties loosely and casually.

Phase 2: Females are not afraid to be topless leisurely and casually. Males have established tolerance for female gender’s body.

phase 3: Females are not afraid to be bottomless freely and casually. Females are not afraid to incorporate nudity into their own fashion.

phase 4: Females are not afraid to be nude leisurely and casually. Males are free to be nude or show partially nude body freely in allowed locations. Males are also okay to masturbate while covered by a towel when in proper location.

phase 5: Both genders have sexual tolerance, uphold and prize virginity and marriage, and have established gender cohesion and companionship.

phase 6: Females are not afraid to touch themselves openly and use toys freely and casually. Females are okay to engage sexually with other females.

phase 7: Married couples are not afraid to engage with each other sexually in front of others. All individuals are open to masturbating with each other and engaging in mutual masturbation or outercourse.

phase 8: Full fox status (seniority). Seniority gets most respect and sets example for culture. Seniority is established after all phases have been complete. Then seniority by date becomes relative.