Sexual Fox Culture

Paul Renendez and David White

Research Paper

April 19, 2017

Sexual Fox Culture Research and Analysis

Sexual Fox Culture (SFC) is a private sexual culture that was founded in 2016 by David White and Carol Oliveira. It is said to be a culture that emphasizes virginity, monogamy, and gender cohesion with the idea to harmonize, ethicalize, and practicalize sexuality in friendship, relationship, and society. There is an estimate of 50 initial members in Lakeway, Austin, Texas and Sunset District, San Francisco. The core of Sexual Fox Culture are eight principle values which will be discussed and analyzed in this article. Before explaining the sexual culture, we will examine how the sexual culture was initiated and created.

In August 2016 a graduate student from The University of Texas name David White started the sexual culture with his roommate Carol Oliveira. David White is an architectural and graphic designer who writes a variety of stories as a hobby. Most of his stories are erotic in nature while maintaining a theme of casual interaction and innocence. His roommate Carol Oliveria works at a packaging company and teaches urban dance at a dance studio. They were both roommates during David’s final semesters at the University of Texas and enjoyed a very open and casual relationship with each other which supposedly formed the creation of this sexual culture.

This culture has eight principle values which portray a variety of intrical values. The culture believes this is a sexual culture which portrays a mix of conservative and liberal values to create a functional sexual environment for friendships, relationships, and society. Sexual Fox Culture’s first value is allowing females the liberty of exhibitionism. It portrays a set of principles that explain the nature of the culture of allowing the female gender the liberty of completely exposing their bodies freely at any place or time. Unlike nudism, which allows the free exposure of the body regardless of being male or female, Sexual Fox Culture only allows for females to expose themselves freely and without limitations. The founders believe the reason for not include male nudity is because male arousal can be something difficult for some males to control. We will further discuss the male arousal later on in this article. According to David White’s analysis, he believes that females act differently when they have the ability to expose themselves in the nude. He believes females become more open and behave in a more natural, authentic, and non-socially constricted way. The founder’s vision desires that both genders maintain cohesiveness, but purposely allowing females to have the greater ability to expose their bodies feely. The founders also believe in ethical values deriving from values found in eastern cultures. David explains to have had traveled to Osaka and Kyoto Japan and become familiar with a new world of ethics and culture. He believes the values he learned abroad are part of the fundamental ethical foundation for Sexual Fox Culture. Furthermore, when David explained this primary cultural value, he emphasized the importance of the use of innocence, balance, politeness, respect, consideration, and kindness towards female participants when in the nude. In addition, Carol explains the use of this first value will encourage females to engage in physical fitness and evaluate a healthy physical standard of an individual evaluating their own body and the bodies of others. She also believes this value will reshape the way society looks at the female body and hopes to portray and recreate a more human, natural, and nonsexual interpretation or conceptualization for the female form. Carol continues by also explaining how she also wants this sexual culture to reflect its own unique culture by using fashion with the use of female nudity or create a commercial narrative of allowing nudity to be a casual medium in commercial entertainment and advertising if it were ever to be accepted by mainstream society.

Sexual Fox Culture’s second value is allowing females to openly and casually masturbate with the condition of maintaining hygiene, cleanliness, and a certain amount of decency and decorous. In nudism, masturbation can be yet regarded as a taboo; however, in Sexual Fox Culture female masturbation is accepted as a common and casual activity. According to Carol, where there is nudity there is often sexuality. She believes female masturbation should also be the same as female nudity. She also enjoys the idea that females have a special ability in this sexual culture that males do not have. According to both founders, the ability for females to be nude and masturbate openly is part of the social visual narrative for the sexual culture. However, regarding males, since males are susceptible to arousal in the sight of female nudity and sexuality, what would be a typical male’s reaction be to this cultural behavior? According to David, Sexual Fox Culture emphasizes a male’s ability to have sexual discipline. His view of how males should react in this culture is that of casual interaction and not of sexual interest. He states that male arousal is a natural instinctual response to mate; however, in this culture if a male becomes very aroused, he should alleviate himself in private and remove the instinctual desire to mate. He states that when aroused, a male’s brain is under the influence of a complex system of different physiological, biological, and neurological changes. He states once a male ejaculates, their normal physiological, biological, and neurological changes returns to normal. Overall, David believes that males, with the use of self-discipline or sexual-discipline, a male can create a harmonious environment where males can respect females who are casually in the nude and openly masturbating.

Sexual Fox Culture’s third value is that all females are part of a sisterhood which casually allows for females to engage sexually with each other. According to Carol, female sexuality is normal and should be regarded as a friendship or sisterly bond in which unites and brings females closer together. According to David, females who engage sexually do not engage in reproductive risks. In developmental psychology at a certain age, a child or teenager becomes curious of their sexuality. In Sexual Fox Culture, exploring the differences of the male and female gender at an early age allows an individual to grow an understanding of their identity and the differences between genders. It’s David’s hypothesis that if females grow in a female sexual-free environment, there will be a natural desire to understand or seek a monogamous relationship or friendship with the opposite gender.

The fourth value in Sexual Fox Culture is allowing masturbation as a common and casual activity among friends. In a close-relationship, a couple will often engage in sexual behavior. This sexual behavior can bring them closer together, or under erroneous circumstances, tear them apart. Sexual Fox Culture creates a new form of close-relationships where individuals become friends first before committing in a monogamous relationship. This form of friendship allows friends of all genders and ages to familiarize themselves with each other and understand each other on a personal level. Carol believes this allows for friends to discover characteristics and behaviors of others in an open and sincere environment. Moreover, friendships in Sexual Fox Culture allow for friends to engage in sexual activity such as: masturbation, oral stimulation, mutual masturbation, outercourse, and even anal penetration with each other as a casual and normal friendship activity. The founders both believe this is how honest and sincere close-relationships are created where individuals learn about others in a sincerely honest, free-to-be-yourself, open, and judgmentless environment. Moreover, Sexual Fox Culture emphasizes comfort and ethics among friends who engage in sexual activities. The founders believe the ability to masturbate, roleplay, and engage in foreplay, allows friends to create friendship-experiences that are extremely close, unique, and very special. Sexual activity in this culture heavily places emphasis on personal consent, and by giving consent to others to allow other to engage with an individual sexually. According to David, Sexual Fox Culture doesn’t normally find new members because he believes the sexual culture does not reflect or even defies what mainstream society thinks, believes, and behaves sexually. However, he explains in the rare circumstances where there is a new member, he slowly introduces them to the culture by allowing them to feel comfortable, give them the ability to be free to be themselves, and when under the influence of arousal, feel free to masturbate while clothed or while hiding their body under a blanket when they become aroused. Since the sexual culture places a tremendous emphasis on keeping and even prizing virginity, the culture heavily disapproves sexual intercourse without first becoming married. Members in Sexual Fox Culture believe sexual intercourse involving genital penetration should be kept for marriage as a method to preserving the integrity and health of a marriage. According to the founders, they both grew up in conservative and religious households and disapprove the idea to have multiple partners. David believes that modern dating culture unknowingly seems to follow somewhat the nature of a swinger culture where commonly males and females accumulate dates for sexual desire and maintain a cycle of dating often with little intention for marriage or until an individual believes they have found a compatible partner that appeals to the interests that an individual is looking for. He states that because of this desire or perhaps the addiction to sexual intercourse, partners for marriage are difficult to find. David also addresses swinger culture by stating the nature of swinger culture is not family-oriented and eventually becomes disharmonious as one carries a high risk to become pregnant by a stranger, find themselves unsure or bored of their sexual desires, switches to desiring a true monogamous relationship, lives with regret having participated in swinging, or may find their perception of themselves or their partners perceptually distorted. He also continues by addressing that he has a huge respect for marriage. He agrees with the idea that all individuals should marry and procreate. He also states that as a romantic, if he were to ever marry, he would only marry once in his life and never marry again for the sake of honoring the person he is married too. David believes sexuality is sacred and should only be with the person a person loves and are willing to commit to for the rest of an individual’s life. Overall, David believes intercourse is the best method to keeping a marriage strong, healthy, fresh, and special. In addition, this sexual culture also portrays and reinforces the idea of being pro-life. The founders believe Sexual Fox Culture can prevent undesired pregnancies through the use of its cultural values, specifically with the use of a male’s sexual discipline. Both founders believe intercourse is sacred. They strongly state that life is a tremendous gift and because of intercourse and the ability to create life, intercourse should be greatly respected. The founders share a value portrayed in Sexual Fox Culture for a deep respect for life and creationalism. Furthermore, by allowing masturbation among friends, David once again reinforces the idea of the use of ethics and how an environment should be polite, respectable, innocent, have a certain amount of decency, and be like any other casual activity among friends. Overall, the founders believe that allowing friends to masturbate and engage sexually, it will create an extremely close and special friendship which allows friends the ability to be open and to choose their partners for marriage in a very effective way.

The fifth value in Sexual Fox Culture is the limitation of male nudity and masturbation. Unlike nudism and the female values described in this culture, males cannot be in the nude and openly masturbate. David states the reason for this value is a male’s more-than-likely to have the inability to maintain rationality and non-sexual intentions while under the influences of arousal. Males are easily influenced by acting upon or behaving abnormally whenever under the influence of arousal. Therefore with the casual use of female nudity, he believes males will adapt over time to seeing female nudity and as the following generation emerges, female nudity will be a common occurrence in daily life. Moreover, in this culture there are places in which Sexual Fox Culture does allow male nudity and masturbation. This sexual culture allows the use of male nudity in the presence of their homes, properties, and vehicles. David states that if Sexual Fox Culture were to become a mainstream culture that is tolerated or embraced by society and law, Sexual Fox Culture would be limited to water recreational parks, pools, lakes, average parks, beaches, movie theatres, national preserves, and camp grounds. A large value in Sexual Fox Culture is also the desire to maintain a pleasant visual appearance and presentation. The culture strongly recommends males to remove unnecessary hair for the sake of public presentation. David states that a hairless male in the nude is more pleasant to look at than a male who is overgrown by hair. Furthermore, the values portrayed in Sexual Fox Culture also recommends for individuals to display their bodies freely unless if an individual is morbidly obese. It is recommended for males, along with females, not to participate in open nudity and masturbation due to visual appeal and presentation. Both founders believe that although natural and acceptible, it is not something participants are used or have comfort witnessing.  In addition, and seemingly strange, Sexual Fox Culture also encourages the loose display of male erections. Carol desires to create the seemingly erotic idea for males to show off their genital bulges as a tribute to prize virginity, praise arousal, appreciate marriage, and even to use it as a form of compliment for the person they are aroused to.

The sixth value in Sexual Fox Culture is allowing complete and open intercourse with their married partner. Sexual Fox Culture believes in a monogomouse marriage between a male and a female. It also respects homogeneous partnerships. Once a couple becomes married, they are free to have intercourse at any place at any time they desire. The founders believe this would promote marriages, healthy families, and a healthy sexual marriage lifestyle. This culture believes after an individual has been friends with another individual for a long time and learns to accept and understand every detail about another, and chooses to date and marry them, they are free to engage in intercourse while exposing themselves completely. The culture emphasizes using wedding rings to make this ideal, because wedding rings are a symbol of commitment.

The seventh value in Sexual Fox Culture is gender cohesion. Sexual Fox Culture illustrates the idea that males and females have gender cohesion, gender harmony, or gender neutrailty to unite gender as thow genders don’t make a whole lot of difference. The culture emphasizes male and females to share restrooms, share dressing rooms, share clothes, shower or bathe together, and allow for the ability to sleep together in a non-sexual way. The founders believe this is essential for creating a pleasant and harmonious environment that enables all members of Sexual Fox Culture to be a very close and loyal community. Carol explains she wants to illustrate the idea that she believes both genders can get along with each other as they learn to accept each other’s differences, faults, flaws, vulnerabilities, and disregard any cultural, social, or stereotypical barriers that prevent males and females from getting along and unifying. David emphasizes the desire for both genders to not only get along and unite with each other, but to do so as if they were a family or a collective. He articulates this idea by stating there is a soccer team made up of the male and female gender. The teammates on this team are extremely close like a family. The team showers together, enjoys the company of each other, trains hard together, travels together, and compete against other teams. When they all celebrate, they celebrate with each other as a whole. He says he desires to use this idea as a model for Sexual Fox Culture, where both male and female members get along well with each other, use alternate sexual alternatives to resolve sexual desires, and ultimately forms a close bond or community which overlooks gender differences. He states that this idea came from his travel to Japan where he observed some form of gender cohesion in Japanese schools where high school students would compete in genderless teams of basketball. David states that he felt a strong desire to create this gender harmony idea and bring it to the west.

The eighth and final value in this culture is the preservation of this culture. The founders felt the need to protect this culture from becoming progressive, influenced by different ideologies or sexual cultures, and to maintain its ethical and integral nature.

Further analyzing this sexual culture, it seemed relevant to ask questions regarding the use of this culture to understand and identify the uncertainties which could unpredictably occur within this culture or through the use of this culture. Our first question we asked is the use of the effects on child development. According to the founders, the sexual culture does not include children, but they believe that just like in a nudist colony, children grow to adapt to the culture. We then asked when can children get involved with sexual behavior with friends and what if they are friends with an older individual, are they allowed to engage sexually? David explained that puberty occurs around the age of eight to thirteen in females and nine to twelve in males. When an individual hits puberty, it’s at this point where they should already understand the purpose of their reproductive organs, their gender identity, the importance of respecting life, and the values of having responsibility and an understanding of the consequences for their actions. He also states that it is alright to make friends with any individual of any age; however, just like in mainstream culture, sexual involvement is prohibited with minors or until the age of seventeen. The reason David states the age of seventeen is because of the natural age of consent in the state of Texas. He also states that the use of this sexual culture places emphasis on ethics and integrity. Therefore, in relation to ethics, we asked where does the ideas of ethics come from and what is its purpose? David states that the fundamental belief in Confucianism is where many Asian ethics derive from. Over time, eastern philosophy has adopted Buddhism, Shintoism, and other religions and philosophies which evolved social mentality to become more ethical and harmonious. It is this harmony David desires to adapt as the foundation of Sexual Fox Culture. David also states his belief in God and the Catholic-Christian faith. He explains his belief is slightly different from the church. David states that he believes God is everywhere and always forgives those who do wrong. Seemingly contrary to the religious teachings, David believes that by creating this sexual culture, it is a way to harmonize sexuality and society and overall be used for a good or greater purpose. He believes he is answering the philosophical question as to what kind of society can create harmony and unify people to inspire a peaceful society removed of violence or dysfunction caused by sexual ideology. Moreover, with his belief in God and accepting his sexual cultural belief, he believes in forgiveness of the sins of the flesh. David even went as far as to create a prayer asking for forgiveness for his sexual culture but to use it to do good and to unite people for the common good. We asked David what if members in this culture do not abide by the values of the culture and perform intercourse with another member? David responded that if this is an individual’s choice then it is acceptable. However, he states that such an individual would instantly not be seen as entirely part of the sexual culture. He labeled the individuals who perform sexual intercourse within the culture as rammies. He considers rammies as individuals that do not value their own virginity or the virginity of another. David continued by saying the individuals who perform such acts are also accepted to participate as part of the sexual culture, but should also be made known of their sexual intentions for those who want to keep their virginity for marriage and participate in the integrity of the sexual culture. We also asked what if females seduce a male for the sake of becoming pregnant? David responded that it’s up to both male and female members to participate in the integral nature of the culture and it’s their choice. The sexual culture recommends that individuals obtain their own moral principles, sexual self-discipline, and a personal desire to prize and keep their virginity until marriage. With a follow-up to this question while knowing monogamous relationships are the cultures desire with a disapproval for swinging culture, we included the question if a married couple could include multiple partners in their sexual activities. Both founders agreed that it’s up to the married couple, however they both encourage married couples to engage in sexual activity with other individuals without the use of intercourse as the use of intercourse is strictly for their married partner. Finally, we ask how did the sexual culture spread to San Francisco? David replied by stating he met a couple who enjoyed and believed in the sexual nature of this culture and decided to make their own weekend club with their own community with the use of this sexual culture. Unfortunately, the founders are uncertain as to the true overall size of the culture in San Francisco; however, so far David has identified 50 members as part of the sexual culture to whom the majority lives in Austin, Texas.

After having all the answers to our questions and having analyzed this sexual culture we have concluded that the use of this sexual culture could prove to be a new and effective sexual culture for an alternate lifestyle for society, friendship, and relationship. With the use of this sexual culture, it is possible that a society which does not prescribe to other sexual cultures or sexual ideologies can offer a unique and different social experience unlike previously seen in world history. In conclusion, perhaps it can prove to be worthy for harmonizing, ethicalizing, and practicalizing sexuality in friendship, relationship, and society.




Appendix Index:

  1. Sexual Fox Culture Masturbation Etiquette
  2. Sexual Fox Culture’s Self-disciplined Tradition

III.             Sexual Fox Culture Seniority Hierarchy Phase List

  1. Prayer for the Sexual Fox Culture Community
  2. My vision of Sexual Culture
  3. Urban Dictionary

VII.          Sexual Fox Culture and Awareness

VIII.        Glossary and Definitions



  1. Sexual Fox Culture Masturbation Etiquette Open and casual masturbation in the presence of friends is normal in Sexual Fox Culture. The culture emphasizes an acceptance for all the human emotions, including arousal. This culture sees nudity as something normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Sexual Fox Culture also emphasizes harmony in nudity and sexuality. There is also an emphasis in balance when to masturbate and when not to. In the presence of friends, Sexual Fox Culture uses various etiquettes to create a pleasant, friendly, harmonious, and polite masturbation experience. 1) Inform others: Whenever a person becomes aroused they should casually tell others how they are feeling. If they want to masturbate, they should let others know what they want to do before revealing their genitals and begin masturbating or begin masturbating with their clothes on. Being mindful of others is important in Sexual Fox Culture, especially if other members do not want to be in the presence of such activity. 2) Mindfulness: When given consent to masturbate, our culture expects a person to be mindful and to perform their intimate actions without disturbing others or perhaps performing such action discretely. By this, we mean keeping breathing or the sounds of stroking and pleasuring very quiet. If others permit and accept one to be as loud as they want, then they can feel free to pleasure themselves freely and openly. 3) Casual performance: When masturbating among friends, there is a sense to perform as if not performing. In other word, as you masturbate you continue doing things as if not masturbating. This culture would like to see masturbation as another casual activity among friends. An example could be if you were studying with friends and given the permission to masturbate, you carry on and continue studying at the same time while masturbating acting as if it was nothing abnormal. 4) Behavior: It’s polite to talk while masturbating with friends. It’s polite to carry normal conversations, or if desired, to talk about one’s sexual fantasies, experiences, and about each other’s body in a polite manner and being mindful of another’s emotions. If one is shy, it is accepted that they masturbate with their clothes on or covered. We also encourage friends to participate in games, roleplay, and watch adult videos together as a natural activity. We believe this strengthens friendships. Moreover, when under the influence of hormones and arousal, one should understand and respect that when another is aroused, they can say or do inappropriate things. If they say or do something wrong, it’s encouraged to ignore them, politely confront them, or correct them and tell them what it is they are doing wrong and what is the right thing to do or say that helps them maintain a harmonious environment. Masturbation with friends can be a powerful experience and requires understanding and exploration. Masturbation with friends is also about reading another’s sexual behavior and learning about another’s sexuality. Those who perform with respect and nobility create a harmonious masturbation environment. If others who masturbate with little sexual self-discipline or control, it may not be desirable to share such intimate activities with them in the future. Masturbation with friends is about politeness, harmony, respect, sexual self-discipline, generosity, and appreciation. 5) Consent: When masturbating with friends, it’s polite to keep to oneself. If another wants to engage in sexual contact with another, they should do so with another’s consent. Sexual Fox Culture does all sexual activity by consent (of course the nature of Sexual Fox Culture prohibits the action of genital penetration of the male and female genitals unless married because of it’s huge emphasis on virginity and waiting for sex until marriage). In this culture we emphasize females to make intimate moves to the male if they desire to perform a sexual act. After a female gets consent or gives consent, they can touch each other’s bodies freely. When touching another’s body, it’s important to be mindful of another’s feelings and how they like to be touched. It’s about learning the sexual psychology and physiology of another. Furthermore, males in this culture emphasize respect for females, self-discipline, and restraint and expect females to be the individual to ask or allow for consent to perform sexual activities involving intimate contact or outercourse. If a female is shy, then it is also alright as she can masturbate within her own comfort. The use of toys is also greatly accepted. Our culture believes toys that penetrate are a good replacement for those with the desire of having the feeling of genital penetration. It’s considered normal for females to engage in sexual activities with another whenever they desire. Female to female sexual activity is common and normal in Sexual Fox Culture; however, sexual consent may also be necessary if a female doesn’t desire such activities. In the occasion that a male is attracted to another male, they would also have to ask for consent. If a male declines the intimacy with another male, then they shouldn’t get upset, but instead accept another for who they are. Our culture also encourages males to shave all unnecessary hair from their body to keep up a well groomed appearance and presentation. For all friends of both genders, having engaged in such intimate experiences, it’s kind and respectable to not get angry or make another angry but to accept another and to find other positive ways to maintain a harmonious friendship. For married couples, our culture accepts and encourages full intercourse with genital penetration and to display their sexual activity freely in public without shame. When with others, it is acceptable for couples to sexually pleasure others without intercourse. Moreover, it is forbidden to share partners, because our culture forbids swinger culture. Our culture would like to prize and encourage the sexual intimacy between a husband and a wife and the creation, support, and growth of their families. 6) Hygiene: When masturbating together with friends, having something to wipe one’s fluids is extremely necessary. Sexual Fox Culture heavily emphasizes cleanliness and hygiene. Although lubricants or one’s saliva is normal to use, it’s encouraged to not show one’s use of saliva in politeness to others. Furthermore, maintaining a hygienic and clean area is very important. When a male finishes they are encouraged to locate a toilet, use a condom, or use a method which does not spill their semen onto the floor, because it is unhygienic and disrespectful. We also emphasize that a lady should also always clean up after herself as well. It is considered very kind for the male to clean up after the female when she finishes. It is also encouraged that members shower with each other. 7) When finished: When a person finishes ejaculating, they should clean themselves, wash their hands, and put their clothes back on. It is also recommended for them to use deodorant. When finished it is also polite to talk about their experience. Once they finish their sexual mindset will dissipate returning them to the normal and natural mental state. After friends finish masturbating they can resume their normal activities. Sexual Fox Culture shares unique traditions, after friends masturbate. Our culture’s tradition are to shower or bathe together, females to cuddle with guy friends, guy friends to lay in the laps or the body of female friends, for all friends to nap with each other, or for both female and male friends to cook a meal for each other or go for a walk holding hand or have some form of close contact (like carrying someone on their shoulders, hanging their arm around them, or holding onto their arm). 8) Relationship: Despite such shared intimacy, there is an understanding and emphasis on the importance of friendship. If there is a feeling of love or intimacy after sharing such an intimate experience, it should be for the depth of their friendship. If it’s a feeling that is much deeper and towards a selected individual, then one should address that feeling to the person they have those feeling for. Thus, if one desires to engage in a relationship, they should make it known to the partner they have chosen. If unfortunately another does not share that same feeling, it’s with nobility, kindness, and respect to their friendship they should apologize to each other in respect to each other’s feelings. It’s important to not take it too personal, because it deals with a lot of personal and emotional factors and unforeseen variables. It’s with nobility and kindness to each other they continue as friends unless the feelings arise again to which we hope another may share a mutual feeling which can initialize a new romantic relationship (to which also emphasizes waiting for sex after marriage). Sexual Fox Culture believes they greater the friendship, understanding, and respect, the more a heart can be warmed and won over. Furthermore, Sexual Fox Culture emphasizes friendships to be the method to finding a person one desires to seek a romantic relationship with and hopefully a partner for life. This concludes Sexual Fox Culture’s masturbation etiquette.








  1. Sexual Fox Culture’s Self-disciplined Tradition

In Sexual Fox Culture, the sexual discipline to prevent genital penetration or intercourse is a self-discipline with a personal desire to keep one’s virginity until marriage. This is the sexual culture’s main tradition and core belief which helps maintain harmony, innocence, healthy friendly relationships, gender cohesion, family-like values, and overall the culture’s integrity among members. Those who break this discipline and orient towards the nature of swinger culture aren’t seen as entirely part of Sexual Fox Culture, however should still be respected, invited, and treated as any other member. However, we call these individuals Rammies and everyone should be aware of their sexual intentions. Those who had already experienced sexual intercourse before entering this culture are also respected and are equal to those who prize keeping their virginity, however if they break from tradition then they are also seen not entirely part of the sexual culture. Overall, it’s a culture of personal and social integrity. We respect everyone for who they are and what they believe.






III.            Sexual Fox Culture Seniority Hierarchy Phase List

Sexual Fox Culture Phase List to becoming part of hierarchy seniority list. This is a phase list where participants can learn about our simple seniority hierarchy and how to become part of that seniority status. Phase 1: Not afraid to show bra and panties loosely and casually. Phase 2: Females are not afraid to be topless leisurely and casually. Males have established tolerance for female gender’s body. phase 3: Females are not afraid to be bottomless freely and casually. Females are not afraid to incorporate nudity into their own fashion. phase 4: Females are not afraid to be nude leisurely and casually. Males are free to be nude or show partially nude body freely in allowed locations. Males are also okay to masturbate while covered by a towel when in proper location. phase 5: Both genders have sexual tolerance, uphold and prize virginity and marriage, and have established gender cohesion and companionship. phase 6: Females are not afraid to touch themselves openly and use toys freely and casually. Females are okay to engage sexually with other females.   phase 7: Married couples are not afraid to engage with each other sexually in front of others. All individuals are open to masturbating with each other and engaging in mutual masturbation or outercourse. phase 8: Full fox status (seniority). Seniority gets most respect and sets example for culture. Seniority is established after all phases have been complete. Then seniority by date becomes relative.





  1. Prayer for the Sexual Fox Culture Community

Every time we eat, have a picnic, or do an outdoor activity together, this is a prayer we do.

“Lord forgive us for the sins of the flesh. Nudity. Masturbation. Impure thoughts. Impure desires. Impure words. Impure material. Impure mediums of entertainment. And Impure acts with another. We wish to continue your holy will despite our shared culture. We are thankful for our bodies and the pleasure it gives us. We pray our culture brings us closer together, unifies us in harmony, and draws us closer to our faith. We pray for our community and to remain brothers and sisters before the lord and to avast from further sin beyond our culture. Amen.”




  1. My Vision of Sexual Culture These are the golden values for my idea of a sexual culture. They aren’t supposed to be taken seriously. I just thought I should put my ideas out there. I still see sexuality as a seemingly taboo topic in the United States. After thinking about the idea for so long, I questioned the very sexual culture of the United States and of the world. I even talked about it at DEFCON 2015 with a group of very accepting strangers, at Burning Man 2016, and DEFCON 2016 at a small night panel. I wonder if there is a way to harmonize sexuality into a functional, casual, innocent, and everyday practice, and create values for a safer and more functional way of sexual activity. If I could create a functional and harmonized sexual culture what would it be? In this quick article I will describe my vision of what I think sexual culture should be; something I would like to call SFC (sexual fox culture), Bate Culture, or Disciplined Sexuality. Members of this expression can be called Masturbatists, Batists, or Red Tails. Another name for male participants are called Tods while female participants are called Vixens or Lass. Here is the golden list of what my vision for a liberal sexual culture for the United States would be like: 1. Females have freedom to be completely exposed. They can be nude anywhere they want. I would encourage them to be shameless of the exposure of their body at any place. I would encourage that being topless, bottomless, wearing lingerie, or only wearing their bra or panties publicly is a common normal street fashion and trend. I would discourage them from participating if they are morbidly obese or may not look too visually appealing. I would encourage them that when it’s hot outside to feel free and open to strip completely naked. If they want to take a tan outside, they can do it anywhere free of judgment. I also strongly encourage that the use of nudity remains innocent, polite, considerate, and carefree. I believe female nudity should be a respected and a natural casual social activity and norm. I think this idea will encourage personal physical fitness and display the beautiful display of the female form.   2. All females can masturbate and pleasure themselves wherever they want as long as they can maintain a hygienic and clean area. I would encourage them to bring a towel and anti-germ lotion. In addition, I would like to state, I am greatly inspired by the Chaturbate community and would love to see how the idea of Chaturbate can form a functional sexual-harmonious society and environment in real life. I also think it’s best to ask permission within an individual’s establishment. 3. All females are part of a sisterhood. Part of a sisterhood is that they can engage in intimate female sexual activity with each other as a natural and casual activity. They can do this because there is no sexual harm from this activity. I think this activity can bring females closer together. 4. I would make a masturbation culture where masturbation or outercourse is a common activity among friends. We encourage females and males to engage in masturbation with each other as a common friendship activity. I would encourage mutual masturbation among the opposite genders. If others don’t want to show their genitals, I would encourage them to use a blanket to cover their activity or pleasure themselves with their clothes on (shy and dry masturbation). I would make it to where touching, masturbating each other, and engaging in oral activities is normal but only by consent. The idea of having all sexual activities by consent will be a vital value in such pleasureful activities. I would strongly forbid sexual penetration of the male and female genitals, because it has the ability to create life. I would make it part of masturbation culture to prevent such action and to respect all life. Since I also value marriage, I think this is a good replacement for sexual activity and a good way to create value where people prize their virginity and want to get a partner to spend the rest of their life with and to have sexual intercourse as a way to keep the marriage strong, special, and fresh. 5. Males would be limited in nudity and cannot participate in public masturbation. Their nudity would be allowed only around water recreational areas, parks, and around their property. I would encourage males to only display nudity if they are visually pleasant by being well groomed, perhaps completely hairless, or having minimal amount of body hair. Males would also have to regard females with a high priority of respect while participating in the sexual culture. I would encourage males to prize their erections as a tribute to arousal, praise, and appreciation and to show it off freely (with clothes on unless in an appropriate location like a water recreational area). I would also strongly encourage males to relieve themselves in private when they obtain a strong urge for lust, become too aroused, or have the desire to get back to having a neutral sexuality-free mindset. They are free to masturbate around their own property, inside their own vehicles, and in places that might be allow for male masturbation. I would encourage places like movie theaters, libraries, and maybe public transportation and parks). 6. Allow for complete intercourse with full penetration of the female and male genitals that can be exposed in public after a couple has been officially married. A good suggestion is the use of their wedding rings to make this ideal. 7. Males and females are encouraged to participate in gender cohesion. I would encourage males and females to share restrooms, dressing rooms, and participate in activities that are gender opposite or gender free. I would also encourage males and females to have the luxury of sleeping together (nonsexually) and perhaps even groom, dress, and bathe with each other. I think this is a possible way to harmonize genders while creating a culture where individuals can both find partners to spend the rest of their lives with. 8. The protection of these ideas and that they keep to their core values, and to prohibit them from being progressive. I discourage the idea of having another Sodom and Gomora. I would like these ideas to be the unchangeable core of the sexual culture and to not evolve into anything else that could later demoralize innocence, decay marriage, and the human sexual experience. In conclusion, I think this version of sexual culture can establish a code of values to which can respect the female form and sexuality, create genders cohesion while also encourage marriage, and can establish a functional and harmonious sexual culture.




  1. Urban Dictionary Definition

A unique and private sexual culture where members called Red Tails participate in a private culture defined by eight core values. There is a great deal of open female nudity and masturbation, female sisterhood intimacy, male self discipline, male respect for female nudity and sexuality, restriction for male nudity and masturbation, and the controversial nature that males and female friends can masturbate with each other (or under blankets), but cannot engage in sexual activity involving genital penetration because of a shared respect for the creation of life. Full genital penetration of both genders are only allowed for officially married couples only. This culture empathizes innocence, harmony, respect, affection, kindness, politeness, friendship, gender cohesion, gender liberty, gender appreciation, personal freedom to act however one wants, sexual consent, and the upholding of the traditional marriage. The nature of this culture allows for male and female members to casually do group activities together, relax and hang out with each other, bathe together, groom together, dress together, and sleep (non-sexually) together. This culture doesn’t focus on the sexual aspect of the culture but rather the gender harmony, gender liberty, personal liberties, and inseparable friendship bonds of it’s members from all walks of life. In addition there is also a shared interest or respect for the Cristian-faith and of Buddhist and Confucian philosophy.

Sexual Fox Culture (SFC) is a culture in which emphasizes gender cohesion, gender liberty, personal liberty, and a set of ethics that creates an inseparable, extremely close, and lifelong friendships from individuals of all walks of life.



VII.         Sexual Fox Culture and Awareness:

If I could invent an idea to spread Sexual Fox Culture on the internet it would be through web comics, art, animation, adult videos, live streaming, and by commentary on Youtubers where people talk about the Sexual Culture.

Comics: I would like to spread awareness by comics by creating comics that use the nature of this sexual culture. Where comic directors create entire comics without the use of nudity and once they finish conceptualizing the story, they reiterate and incorporate the use of this sexual culture.

Art: Sexual Fox Culture is probably best done in anime form; however, it would be great to create illustrations of this culture in an anime style.

Animation: I thought it would be a great idea to make animations with full creative story lines that take place in a universe that uses this culture.

Adult videos: Because of the nature of Sexual Fox Culture, I thought it would be a good idea if others were to show their use of Sexual Fox Culture by uploading their own videos using this culture. Sexual Fox Culture does not use intercourse unless an individual is married; therefore, unless a person is married, adult videos with Sexual Fox Culture would consist of friends or individuals doing normal things while in the nude or masturbating. I would encourage to make videos that otherwise would be seen regularly on Youtube but having individuals participate in the videos with the use of this culture, thus in the nude or casually masturbating.

Live streaming: Live streaming would be a good way to spread awareness of Sexual Fox Culture. Sexual Fox Culture has been made known to individuals in the Chaturbate community; however, would be great if more were to participate.

Commentaries: A good way to spread the use of this culture is by having individuals online to simply talk about it and give their opinions on the subject.


VIII.       Glossary and Definitions:

Confucius – A 500 BC Chinese ethical and political philosopher.

Gender cohesion – A harmonious relationship blend of the male and female gender with little to no regard to sexuality, sexual preference, culture and stereotyping, and gender bias.

Gender harmony – A harmonious relationship blend of the male and female gender with little to no regard to sexuality, sexual preference, culture and stereotyping, and gender bias.

Gender neutral – A harmonious relationship blend of the male and female gender with little to no regard to sexuality, sexual preference, culture and stereotyping, and gender bias.

Generd neutrality – A harmonious relationship blend of the male and female gender with little to no regard to sexuality, sexual preference, culture and stereotyping, and gender bias.

Lass – Female participants, particularly young females.

Masturbatist  – Individuals who prefer masturbation rather than intercourse.

Mutual masturbation – Two individuals either of the opposite sex or same sex, touching each other’s penis or vagina for pleasure and/or orgasm.

Nudism – A community of nude members.

Outercourse – A non-penetrative sexual activity.

Red tails – An alternate name for Sexual Fox Culture members.

Sexual Fox Culture – Sexual Fox Culture (SFC) is a culture in which emphasizes gender cohesion, gender liberty, personal liberty, and a set of ethics that creates an inseparable, extremely close, and lifelong friendships from individuals of all walks of life through eight principle values.

Sisterhood – A community of females who engage in sexual activity.

Swingers- A person who dates or sleeps (sexually) with multiple individuals at the same time.

Tods – Male participants in Sexual Fox Culture

Virginist – A person who prizes their virginity and waits until marriage.

Vixens – Female participants in Sexual Fox Culture